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Adelaide Home Extension Security

When you add a new extension to your home, during the planning stage you should be thinking of the ways in which you can keep your new addition — and the rest of your property — secure. More doors that open to the outside and more windows do, unfortunately, mean more opportunities for intruders, and so it naturally pays to consider what you can do to make your home as safe and secure as possible.

We have some suggestions for ways to add security to your new Adelaide home extension, and can advise you on how to get the best value and the most protection for your home and family.

Roller Shutters for Windows and Doors

Roller shutters on your windows and doors are an effective and cost-efficient way of achieving high levels of home security, as they provide both a visual deterrent and a physical barrier to would-be intruders.

Roller shutters are very strong and manufactured from high-grade aluminium so as to be able to withstand significant force. They are further strengthened by being constructed using a system of interlocking slats, and feature an internal locking mechanism that locks your roller shutter firmly in place when it’s closed and prevents it from being forced open. However, unlike security grilles or bars, you can also open roller shutters fully so that windows can be easily cleaned and maintained.

In addition, many insurance companies recommend roller shutters as a means of creating more effective home security, and in some cases can even make a difference to the cost of the insurance premiums that you pay.

There are some further advantages that come with roller shutters as well. They can help to protect the glass in windows and doors from storm damage, as well as improve your energy efficiency and reduce your electricity use, while BAL40 roller shutters can also give your home added protection if you live in a bushfire-prone area of Adelaide. Roller shutters are also very easy to use, with remote control versions making operation quick and simple.

Roller shutters are an effective way of improving your home security.

Window Grilles

Window grilles are strong and durable, and can provide a solid barrier to would-be intruders, as well as a visual deterrent. The best window security grilles are constructed with a heavy-duty aluminium frame and have corner stakes and three-point locks, all of which are operated by a single key. This means that your grille is locked in place at the top, bottom and in the middle, making it able to withstand a great deal force so it can’t be caved in, as well as strong enough to resist any attempts to force it open with a crowbar or other tools.

The mesh in window grilles is generally available in single- or double-diamond patterns, and this means it can’t be cut or smashed in. You can also opt for one-way vision mesh, allowing you to see out but which can’t be seen through from the outside, so in the summer months you can have the windows on your home extension open but still retain your privacy. Window grilles also give you the ability to have windows open when it’s warm without having to worry about being inundated by mosquitoes and other insects.

You can also get customised window grilles in a variety of colours, so they can be designed to suit any style of home extension.

Security Screen Doors

Adelaide-screen-doorsSecurity screen doors are an effective way of not only enhancing your home security, but also increasing comfort levels, as they enable you to have doors open during the summer months so that air can circulate, while at the same time keeping the insects at bay and your property safe from intruders.

AS5039 is the standard to which Adelaide security screen doors should adhere if they are to provide adequate security and protection for your home. This Australian Standard covers the quality of the materials, and overall strength and integrity. Installing a security screen door on your home extension that meets AS5039 means that you can be sure of having a high quality product that is well-made and fulfils its function of providing an effective barrier.

However, the proper installation of a security screen door is just as important, and as experienced Adelaide home extension builders we ensure that strong fastenings and hinges are used when we install security screen doors to ensure their overall strength and effectiveness, meaning they can resist attempts to prise them open and are able withstand substantial force.

We can install variety of different security screens, including sliding doors, to suit your home extension and lifestyle.

Adelaide Home Extension Builders

As experts in building extensions for all types of Adelaide homes, talk to us about the added security you can gain by installing roller shutters, window grilles and security screen doors on any addition to your property. Call Gavan on (08) 8281 6010 or email us to learn more.





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