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Although laundries can be often overlooked when considering an Adelaide home renovation, they are spaces where a renovation incorporating efficient design and space-saving devices can have a significant lifestyle impact. And while laundries are largely functional spaces, there are nevertheless design options that will not only improve how effectively you utilise the space you have available, but also how the room looks and feels.

What do you use your laundry for?

When space is at a premium in your home, the laundry often becomes much more than just the place where the washing is done. Ironing, storage, housing an additional fridge or freezer, or a place to keep outdoor clothes and gardening tools are some of the uses the average laundry gets put to, and this is why when you come to renovate you should be looking at smart ways to accommodate all of these additional functions.

How much space do you have available?

Is your laundry an entirely separate room, or is it instead an alcove situated off the bathroom or kitchen? In some Adelaide homes, the laundry space is essentially a large cupboard, kept out of sight by sliding or bi-fold doors. Whatever the set up, through thoughtful design and the use of modern space-saving features, you can always make more of the area that you do have.

Tips for your laundry renovation

Any laundry renovation — even of the smallest space — needs to take into account the room’s many features and functions. For instance, you need to think about how much storage space you actually need, whether you want to include hanging space for clothes, how you can incorporate laundry hampers, and where the ironing board is kept.

There are also plenty of options available to you when it comes to fixtures and fittings, such as the lighting you need, the bench tops you have installed, the troughs and taps you feature, and the sort of floor you opt for. All of this means that a laundry renovation, just like when you update the look of any other room in the house, should give you food for thought beyond the purely functional.

If you’re looking at renovating the laundry in your Adelaide home, here are some tips and suggestions to consider:

The space

If you have a small, single wall laundry area that is situated off your kitchen or bathroom, you will naturally need to be creative to make the most of the limited space that you have; however, even if you have a larger, dedicated laundry room, you will still need to incorporate some innovative features to maximise the room’s potential.

If you laundry space is not a discrete room, but is rather located off of the kitchen or bathroom, or is situated against a wall or in a recess on a landing or passage way, then a renovation that includes folding or sliding doors (available in a variety of styles) will keep the laundry facilities enclosed and out of sight when not being used.

Alternatively, in some Adelaide homes a larger, galley-style laundry space can be combined with a butler’s pantry to create a multipurpose storage room. These sorts of bigger laundry spaces can in fact be opened up rather than hidden away, so that they become design features.


Splashbacks can be a significant design feature in a renovated laundry, and as well as being practical they can set the tone for the look and feel of the space. Glass splashbacks are a popular choice for Adelaide homeowners, as are ceramic tiles, which are available in a huge range of styles and patterns. Stainless steel can also be an eye-catching choice, especially if you’re renovating in an ultra-contemporary style.


Modern laundries can accommodate and are well-suited to a variety of sink and trough types. Most commonly, you’ll find a single bowl drop-in sink, although undermount sinks and double bowls are also commonly installed. Ultimately, the type of sink you choose will be dependent both on the plumbing you have and your design intentions.

Stacked washer and dryer

Having both a clothes dryer and a washing machine, while highly desirable, can take up a significant amount of floor space. The most straightforward solution is to opt for a stacked washer and dryer set up, where your tumble dryer is mounted on the wall. When you’re renovating a laundry, this space-saving feature naturally needs to be incorporated during the design and planning stage.


One way in which you can personalise an otherwise plain laundry space is through the floor surface that you choose. Tiles in a variety of media, such as ceramics, slate and porcelain, are popular because of their practicality and the design options they provide. Polished concrete is also becoming widely used, while a more upmarket space may be enhanced by marble tiles.


The importance of lighting in a laundry shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if it’s also a space where you iron, sort and fold clothes, or use for storage. Downlighting gives both a contemporary look as well as focussing the light where you need it most, while the position of the laundry in many Adelaide houses at the back of the property, opens up the possibility of installing a window to increase the amount of natural light in the room.


The style of cabinets and cupboards that you instal in your laundry can really personalise the look and feel of the space. There are a wide variety of door and handle types that you can choose, such as contemporary flat panels or heritage-style shaker panels, and these really liven up the look of an otherwise plain broom closet or linen cupboard.


The bench tops in Adelaide laundries tend to see a lot of service, and so they need to be durable and practical, as well as fitting in with the rest of the room. Laminate is a straightforward and popular choice, because it’s so easy to keep clean and maintain, although wood or granite benchtops can add a more decorative look, while still being functional.

Laundry hampers

Clothes that are piled up waiting to be washed can be an unsightly mess, so any laundry renovation should have as a priority laundry hampers that help you to keep them out of sight. Hampers come in a variety of forms, all designed to be both discreet and space savers — for instance, you can choose door-mounted or closet-mounted built-in hampers which come with either a pull-out or tilt-out function, depending on the space available to you.

Ironing boards

For a piece of household equipment that might be used relatively infrequently, an ironing board can take up a disproportionate amount of space, even if it folds up. When you plan a laundry renovation, you should therefore consider an ironing board that is hidden away in a drawer or cupboard, or installed against the wall, and can be folded down or expanded when needed and then tucked away again when not in use.

Hanging rails

Whether you want somewhere to store your freshly-ironed shirts, or just some additional storage room, clothes rails are a very useful feature to incorporate into any laundry renovation. These can be ceiling mounted, or along the bottom of wall-mounted cabinets, and can give you a surprising amount of additional space.

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