Bathroom Renovations
In Adelaide

Extending to Modern Lifestyles

Bathroom Renovations
in Adelaide

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. It's essentially where we start and finish the day. Here at Builders At Your Service, we offer a range of services dedicated to creating and updating your bathroom space, allowing you to start and finsh your day in style and comfort.

• Custom Bathroom Designs
• All Waterproofing
• Plumbing & Carpentry Work
• Full Bathroom Strip Out
• Wall & Floor Tiling
• Adding & Removing of Walls
• Rendering & Concreting

Quote, Design & Installation

We offer professional designs & fixed price packages. Our professional team will assist you with the design and ensure to meet your requirements. Whether it be helping you to decide on the design and layout, finishes and furnishings, advising you on good practice building techniques or giving qualified advice and hands on knowledge and information on proven solutions, we are always happy to listen to your ideas and offer professional guidance and support. If you would like personal 1 on 1 time, please arrange for an appointment with our experienced builders beforehand.

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