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Adelaide Home Extensions on Sloping Blocks

Many of Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs, centred around the City of Tea Tree Gully, lay at the base of the Adelaide foothills and so there is no shortage of homes here built on sloping blocks. It is not uncommon for properties in suburbs like St Agnes, Banksia Park and Redwood Park to have been built on blocks with significant gradients, and this has led to some creative and innovative design solutions over the years. Many of these sloping blocks are also irregularly shaped, so as to provide sufficient room for house building when the newer north-eastern suburbs were being developed in the 1970s and 1980s.

Adelaide’s north-east has always been a popular place to live because suburbs like Fairview Park, Ridgehaven and Golden Grove provide a great range of established and new family-style homes that come with decent sized gardens front and back. These sorts of properties always been an attractive proposition for families because they also have the potential to be extended as young families grow and their needs change.

For homeowners living in properties on sloping blocks here and in areas like Salisbury Heights, Wynn Vale, Holden Hill and the Modbury Triangle (which includes Modbury Heights and Modbury North), while there is scope for creating great views and incorporating innovative design elements when you add a home extension, steep or uneven land and irregular block shapes can also present some challenges when it comes to extending by adding extra rooms or an outdoor living space. That’s why you need to make sure that you talk to a builder experienced in extending suburban homes situated on sloping blocks.

Advantages of Building an Extension on a Sloping Block

A room with a view

When designed and built with imagination, a home extension on a sloping block can provide unique opportunities for creating an elevated view. Incorporating a balcony, a patio or panoramic windows into your extension allows you to take full advantage of your location, and so any design for a home addition should ideally make the most of any slope and the space you have available, especially if your block is unconventionally shaped, as these features can enable you to create some stunning vistas.

Split-level living

You can also take advantage of the shape and dimensions of a sloping block to create split-level living. By intelligently making use of the gradient, different areas of the house can become situated on different levels, and this can create a greater sense of space, as well as giving you the potential to incorporate a range of unique features.

Because this sort of extension may include steps to take you from one part of the house to another, as well as different ceiling heights, entirely separate living areas can effectively be created on the different levels. Upper story extensions and additions can also be accommodated on sloping blocks, further allowing for separate living spaces to be created.

Natural light and ventilation

Using the shape and slope of your block to create a split-level home with different ceiling heights can also provide a range of opportunities for utilising natural light and ventilation through the installation of skylights or headlight windows. As well as being attractive features that add a sense of space and light to your extension, they can also prove cost-effective by reducing your energy consumption.

Add value to your home

All of the above features will not only enhance the quality of life of you and your family enjoy, but they will add significant value to your home by making it a ‘one-off’, individual property. Variety and unique features can be crucial when a house is on the market, and so through extending your home by adding additional living spaces that imaginatively capitalise on a sloping block, such as a panoramic view, split levels and natural light, you can significantly add to your re-sale value, especially in areas in and around Tea Tree Plaza where there is significant demand for family properties.

Specialist Home Extensions Builders

Successfully designing and building an extension or adding new living spaces to a home situated on a sloping block requires the experience to be able to fully realise the potential of the space available, along with the expertise to bring your plans and ideas to fruition.

As specialist home extension builders in Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs for more than 30 years, Builders At Your Service has a long track record and the years of know-how required to make the most of sloping, narrow or irregular- shaped blocks, so that your new home extension effectively utilises both the space and the features of the land at your disposal. We have designed and built numerous home extensions in the north-east of Adelaide, and so we can provide the design and building solutions you need to make the most of your home and land’s potential.

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