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Planning an Adelaide Home Extension

As specialist Adelaide home extension builders, clients often come to us for advice and to ask what they should be thinking about when they’re planning an extension to the family home. One of the first questions we always ask is why you want to add an extension. The answers we get to this question are

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Adelaide Northern Suburbs Family Homes

Recent research has been published that demonstrates what we at Builders At You Service have long known — namely that the northern suburbs of Adelaide are the best place in the greater metropolitan area for family housing. In a report published by, six of the top ten suburbs in Adelaide for families are in

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Building an Adelaide Granny Flat Extension

A granny flat (technically known in planning jargon as Dependent Accommodation) is a great way of adding additional living space to your property. Of course, it doesn’t mean that a granny flat has to be used exclusively for the housing of an elderly relative — far from it! There are a multitude of different uses

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How to build an Outdoor Living Space in Adelaide

With summer upon us here in Adelaide, it’s a good time to look at the some of the most recent trends that homeowners are incorporating into their outdoor living spaces. If you already have an entertaining area or outdoor kitchen that you are looking to enhance, or if you are thinking of adding a home

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Why Homeowners in Adelaide are Renovating

The reasons why homeowners want to renovate their Adelaide homes, and what they expect from their renovations, is something that is naturally of great interest to us! Although there are no definitive answers, our long experience as Adelaide home renovation builders, combined with some recent research into the home renovation industry across Australia, goes some

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Adelaide Home Extension Security

When you add a new extension to your home, during the planning stage you should be thinking of the ways in which you can keep your new addition — and the rest of your property — secure. More doors that open to the outside and more windows do, unfortunately, mean more opportunities for intruders, and

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