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Choosing a Home Extensions Builder in Adelaide

You’ve made the important decision that the time is right to add an extension or an additional storey to your home, to meet your family’s changing needs. Or it might be the case the case that you’re looking to modernise the kitchen or bathroom, or you want to renovate your home in other ways.

The next crucial decision that you need to make is how to find and choose the right Adelaide builder to undertake that work for you.

Finding a Builder

Unless you’ve worked with a builder before (whether it’s for an extension or renovation, or having a new home built), you may be a little in the dark when it comes to finding someone to undertake your project. However, there are some useful criteria to use when you’re searching for a builder:

People you know are always a good starting point. Have friends, family or neighbours had any building work done recently? How happy have they been with the end result? Of course, if it’s someone you know well, you will likely have the opportunity to inspect the quality close-up for yourself. It’s also important to find out how satisfied they were with the whole process. Was the communication open and friendly? Did the builder do what they said they would do, and when they said they would do it? These are all vital parts of a successful home renovation or extension building project.

Look around the neighbourhood and see if there is any work currently being carried out nearby. if so, take a note of the builder’s name, because if they are local to your area this can be a bonus as it means they understand the local conditions and building styles, and are likely to be more accessible than someone based on the other side of town.

Check out a company’s online presence. What can be really helpful is to look at any photo galleries  on the builder’s website – do they have a track record in undertaking the sort of extension or renovation work that you want done? Testimonials are also a very useful guide – if a previous client is willing for their name to be used in association with a builder, or for photos from their project to be publicised, this is a pretty fair indication that they have been extremely satisfied with the work and are happy to recommend a builder to others. Also take note of the company’s history – the fact that a builder has been in business for an extended period of time should tell you not only that they’re experienced, but also that their work is professional and that they have a significant number of satisfied customers to their credit.

You can also get advice and guidance from professional bodies, such as the Housing Industry Association (HIA) or the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). They will be able to refer you to builders who are based near you, or those that have experience in the sort of home extension or renovation work you’re looking to undertake.

Getting a Quote

It’s always advisable to get at least three quotes for any proposed work. As far as possible, these should be based on your design and specifications so that they are a true reflection of the work that will need to be done – this will also enable you to compare quotes from different builders more effectively. Check whether the quotes include fixtures and fittings and that the itemised quote also includes the GST that will be payable.

If the quotes you receive vary significantly in price, you should remember that the cheapest will not necessarily be the best option. Has everything that you want done been included? What is the quality of any fixtures ad fittings? Have the particular circumstances that might make your project more challenging or time consuming been taken into account? If in doubt, ask – you can only make a fully informed decision when you have all the facts to hand.


This value of being able to talk to your builder is often overlooked, but being able to communicate in a clear and open fashion can ultimately determine how happy you are (or otherwise!) with the final result. Most home renovation or extension projects will require you and your builder to be in contact quite regularly, and so it’s important that you select a builder with whom you feel comfortable speaking, and who you regard as open and straightforward in how they communicate with you. This is important because more often than not problems with building projects come about through misunderstandings, or the channels of communication not being clear.

Why You Should Choose Builders At Your Service

  • We have an outstanding reputation, established over more than thirty years as home extension and renovation builders in Adelaide.
  • We are members of the HIA and GBCA, so you can be confident that our work adheres to industry best practice and standards.
  • Our clients are always very happy to recommend us and for us to share their testimonials with the public.
  • When you receive a quote from Builders At Your Service, it will be thorough and comprehensive, and contain no hidden surprises.
  • We offer a highly personalised service that means you will always be able to speak with us before, during and after the completion of your building project.

Call us on 8281 6010 or get in touch to find out more about why you should choose Builders At Your Service for your Adelaide home extension or renovation.

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