Tips for Building and Renovating in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide

There is a tendency to think of the northern suburbs of Adelaide as a single entity, without a great deal of difference between each of its constituent parts. However, in terms of housing and building styles, there is in fact a great deal of diversity, with the late Victorian and Edwardian sandstone cottages of Salisbury rubbing shoulders with 1960s and 1970s brick veneer houses in Brahma Lodge, ultra-contemporary townhouses in Mawson Lakes, and newer developments in suburbs like Blakeview.

Renovating Heritage Homes in Salisbury, Smithfield and Gawler

For instance, on and around the Salisbury Highway and in some parts of the town centre, there are some classic Adelaide sandstone and bluestone villas on very large allotments of land, many of which were built as long ago as the late nineteenth century. Although a large number of these blocks have now been subdivided and/or have had newer properties built on them, a significant number remain and retain many of their original features.

However, while the original fixtures and fittings can add to the character of a home, at the same time these older houses can present challenges in terms of open living space, accessibility and efficient energy use. As lifestyles have changed, so have the ways in which we use our indoor and outdoor living spaces, and so many homeowners in and around Salisbury have successfully redesigned and renovated these classic properties so as to keep much of their original charm while at the same time modernising their layout and other features, such as updating the bathroom and kitchen.

Extension Builders for Houses in Elizabeth

In contrast to the country style, Victorian and Edwardian properties of Salisbury, Smithfield and Gawler, Elizabeth was the epitome of modernity when it was founded in the 1950s. Functional and unostentatious, these new family homes that were at the heart of the ‘satellite city’ were originally built and owned by the Housing Trust, although many have subsequently been bought by owner-occupiers. Although the blocks of land on which these homes were built were nowhere near as large as earlier properties established in the northern suburbs, they still feature backyards that are big by today’s standards, and so many families have used this outdoor space efficiently to build home extensions or to create covered, year-round outdoor living areas.

Some of the areas around Elizabeth also offer excellent opportunities for first home buyers and young families, as average house prices are amongst the lowest in the country – for instance, Elizabeth North, Davoren Park, Smithfield Plains, Elizabeth Downs and Elizabeth South regularly feature in the top ten of Australia’s most affordable suburbs in which to buy, with median house prices significantly lower than elsewhere in Adelaide and the rest of the northern suburbs. This means that renovating or rebuilding an existing property, rather building a new home, is a cost-effective option in and around Elizabeth.

Renovation Builders for Homes in Salisbury and Brahma Lodge

As Adelaide grew further in the 1960s and 1970s new suburbs began to spring up around Salisbury, such as Brahma Lodge, Salisbury South and Salisbury Downs. Built in an instantly recognisable brick veneer style, these types of properties proliferated throughout the northern suburbs of Adelaide and provide family-style living on good-sized blocks of land. However, times have changed quickly and with many regarding more indoor living space as being more important than a garden, these homes frequently have extensions built on to them. They are also well-suited to having an additional storey extension as well.

Adelaide Home Renovations in Mawson Lakes

Adelaide’s northern suburbs are also home to a growing number of new housing developments that encapsulate the latest in contemporary home building. Mawson Lakes is noted for its modern, two-storey townhouses that tend to be built right out to the property boundaries. In the case of these newer homes, renovations will more likely to be the internal layout of the home – making more open plan living spaces, for instance, or renovating a kitchen or bathroom – rather than adding an extension or an additional floor. The same is true of properties in other newer suburbs in Adelaide’s north, like Blakeview, Gulfview Heights, Greenwith and Andrew’s Farm.

Specialist northern suburbs of Adelaide home extension builders

As we are long-established builders located in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, we are experienced at dealing with the large variety of housing and building styles that can be found here. Whether it’s adding an extension to a period home, putting an extra storey on to a 60s or 70s property, or helping homeowners to maximise their living space in a contemporary townhouse, at Builders At Your Service we specialise in home renovations in the northern suburbs and so have the know-how and expertise to meet your specific needs. Our team of designers and builders work with you to create the space and lifestyle you’re looking for, and a final product that will enhance the look, accessibility and value of your home.

Contact us, your specialist northern suburbs home extension builders, to discuss how we can help you to renovate, extend or add to your home.

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