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Home Extensions and Renovation in Waikerie

Are you unhappy with the design or layout of your home? If you would like to upgrade your property, Builders At Your Service is here to help. We offer affordable home extensions and outdoor home improvements for Waikerie properties, so let us transform your house into the property of your dreams.

Living room with a feature partition wall extension

Finest Home Extension Services in Waikerie

Do you want a bigger kitchen, a new bedroom, or just more living space? You might not know where to look for home extension builders or how to go about adding an extension to your house, but don’t worry as we're here to help!

We are committed to building a home extension that’s more comfortable for you and your family, and we are with you every step of the way. From selecting the right materials to answering questions about your requirements like adding a new bathroom to a house, our home extension company will make sure that the job is completed with attention to detail, skill and care.

We at Builders At Your Service can help build you a lifestyle you’ll love by providing the best home extensions for you.

Reasons Why You Need A Home Extension

We get it – extending your living space isn't everything. But if you are looking for a modern house extension like what you have seen on TV or in magazines and this is what inspires you to get up in the morning and work hard, then you might want to give us a call and start planning your house extension so we can help you realise your dream home improvements sooner.

However, committing to doing a home extension is not an easy decision to make and it’s a major investment. The process involves a lot of planning, decision-making and organisation well in advance before actually getting to do the work. You should consider small home extensions or rear home extensions if you have the following in mind:

  • Growing your family
  • Adding a bedroom or home office
  • Extending your kitchen or verandah
  • Making extra room for your pets
  • Increasing your property value

Top-notch Home Extension Projects

If you are looking at getting home extensions and renovations done anytime soon, then you have come to the right place. Builders At Your Service are the home extension company that offers you the best home extensions around Waikerie.
We are highly skilled home extension builders with extensive experience in 2-storey house extensions and bespoke renovations. We have completed many quality and affordable house extensions since we began in 1985, and our happy customer base keeps growing every day.

All of our work goes through a strict quality control and structure safety check before we finish the job, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home extension is safe and built to last

Consider A Home Extension Now

If you have a growing family and love the house you live in, but you just need more space, with a few minor structural changes and a smart home extension plan, your home can be made big enough for your growing family to enjoy and to keep you there for years to come.

You won't have to worry about the hassle of relocating to a new area, the moving costs, packing and unpacking and you'll increase the value of your home all at the same time. All you need to do is to call the best home extension builders in Adelaide for your house extension project.

We at Builders At Your Service are here for you and your family, to build on your dreams and ideas and then make them a reality. For the best home extension company in your area, talk to one of our professional builders now!

Whatever your reason is for wanting a front home extension or double-storey extension, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your vision.

Kitchen Dining area renovation

Professional Home Renovation Services in Waikerie

Your home is your sanctuary, a place where you can find peace and relief from the stresses of everyday life. Your home also serves as a reflection on you and on how well you look after yourself and your family. As it’s your home, you’d want to maintain it and we can help keep it looking fresh and up to date if you are considering doing a house renovation project.

Home or bathroom renovations are a great option for homeowners like you, who may be wanting a new look for inside your property without the need to move out of your current location. Renovations allow you to improve and customise your home according to your needs and preferences, and we at Builders At Your Service can help you do just that!

4 Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom or Kitchen

Are you thinking about small bathroom renovations or an outdoor kitchen renovation? Wondering what's involved with remodelling a home and how to go about it? You can start looking into bathroom and kitchen renovations and make the process easier on yourself by knowing more about these 4 things first.

  • Assess your reasons and your goals


Before you start committing to a big project such as bathroom and laundry renovation, you need to assess your reasons together with your goals and timeframes first.

Do you want to renovate your house to fix any damage, to ensure the safety and comfort for your family, to accommodate some lifestyle changes or do you just want to renovate to help increase its value? Are you renovating to stay for long time or do you need to renovate so you can sell your property and relocate?

Your reasons and goals will help you decide which steps you should take next. If you already have answers to these questions, you can start talking to your renovation builder now regarding the best bathroom renovations or asking us about what beautiful house designs we can provide for you in Adelaide.

  • Secure your budget


Performing a Bathroom renovation on a 2-storey extension or on a semi-detached house can be very expensive. However, it is an investment that will allow you to live comfortably or will add value to your home and comfort. How much money you need for your renovation will depend on how extensive the bathroom & laundry renovations are.

With this in mind, you need to consider the labour and material costs as well as any additional expenses for relocating your appliances and furniture. With all of these in mind, make sure you ask for a bathroom renovation estimate from the most reliable house builders Adelaide has to offer and start securing your finances.

  • Set a timeline


When it comes to adding an addition to a house, getting started is way easier than getting the job done. This is because it is easy to start with a lot of budget and a scheduled plan at first, but things may not always go as planned.

The materials, budget, or involved parties may cause problems during bathroom renovations, and an unfinished project is the last thing you want. That’s why it’s important to set a deadline and have an agreement with bathroom renovation specialists before starting the project. Having a timeline will give you an idea of how long you have to wait before you get to see the fruit of your labour.

Reliable Home Renovation Professionals

Our tailored home renovation services can help you achieve more in less time as we are able to work on multiple jobs for your renovation work all at the same time. That’s why you need reliable bathroom renovation experts to ensure your that your house and bathroom extension work will be completed on schedule and at the same time, look as good as the new design we created for you.

In order to get one of the best bathroom renovation companies out there, you have to know how to differentiate a quality professional from one that cuts corners, rushes jobs, or doesn't do what they promise.

We at Builders At Your Service don’t just promise, we commit. With our vast portfolio of bathroom renovations for small bathrooms, we are the leading the way amongst all the bathroom renovations northern suburbs companies that are out there. Whether it's a bathroom renovation in an apartment or a kitchen remodelling project, customised home renovations are what we do and where our experience comes together for the best outcomes for your renovation works.

We will help you define your idea with realistic plans considering your budget constraints to make that vision come true on time and without compromising quality.

beautiful living area built by a Home extension builder in Adelaide

Superb Home Customisation Services in Waikerie

We all know that an ideal home build or renovation should be modern, stylish, innovative, and welcoming and should reflect the personality and lifestyle of your family in the neighbourhood. That’s why it’s not uncommon for homeowners like you to think of home customisation if you want to see the best way to renovate a house take place in your home, we can help you achieve it.

However, adding an extension to your house requires a lot of ideas, planning and implementation. Fortunately, there are home customisation experts like our team at Builders At Your Service who are known as the experts in the field of home renovations and home extensions in Adelaide, and we can bring any idea to life!

We have a wealth of experience in adding beautiful house extensions, pergola house extension and installation, and affordable bathroom renovations to provide you with the very best quality service in Waikerie. We offer tailor-made solutions for anything that’s holding you back from customising your home to suit your needs and goals.

Why Choose Builders At Your Service

Your home is your investment. Whether you’re adding an extension, renovating, or you just want to add a personal touch to its look, we can help you build your dream home without you worrying about the construction work.

  • Over 3 Decades of Experience

For over 37 years, we have handled residential construction across the Adelaide region, specialising in home extension, renovation, and customisations. Our company is locally owned and it has allowed us to help a lot of homeowners searching for quality home extensions.


  • Fully insured and Licensed

Our company is fully licensed, and all our building work done on customers properties is also fully insured. We are members of the Green Building Association of Australia and the Housing Industry Association which can vouch for us as being a great choice for home extension builders in Adelaide.

  • Custom In-house Design

With our custom in-house design service, you can choose and request drafts of the best house extensions or best house renovations that suit your style and needs. Whether you want a minor or major home expansion or remodelling done, our home extension and renovation services will meet your needs.

  • Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

Our team of highly skilled designers, planners, and builders always makes sure every renovation or customisation is done right. You will be dealing with a local company so there will be no communication gaps or confusion. This makes it easier to involve us in all stages of the project and to allow us to deliver the promised results.

Say hello to your house extension in no time. Just reach out to one of our professionals for an obligation-free quote and leave the work to us!

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So, if you are thinking of adding a modern extension to an old house now, we can help. We'll design your new extension to suit your needs, whether you need more bedrooms for your growing family, a larger kitchen for entertaining, a home office for your work, or anything in between. Our team can handle every step of the process, from design to construction.

Just tell us what you want, and we can provide you with our one-stop-shop building service that will fulfil your larger home extension, second story additions and renovation needs.

We at Builders At Your Service offer vast experience, premium services, and affordable prices for all of our customers. Our team is composed of the best builders in Adelaide, so we're confident you'll love working with us.

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